Order prestigious sinks and bathroom countertops with sinks in any size directly to your modern bathroom, . You will get a sink created for you, strictly according to the obtained project, sketch, idea or inspired by the best, most interesting projects of the XX and XXI century. We create sinks with a real passion. We devote a special attention to details. When furnishing a bathroom with Luxum, you have a guaranteed delivery of sinks and bathroom countertops, compatible with your requirements, regardless of their size, shape or color.

Why do the modern custom-made sinks are the best choice:

Fit to the creation of a modern bathroom, according to the project

Perfect aesthetics – without discoloration, cracks or scratches

Warmth of the material and pleasant sensation to the touch

Guaranteed durability, confirmed by research, proven by thousands of users

The possibility of traditional and linear outflows

From microscopic decorative sinks to multi-position sinks up to 11 meters in length in one outflow

Connecting with countertop without seams – one monolithic block

Freedom of form, size or color

Used in luxurious, private bathrooms, as well as in toilets of prestigious public buildings

Certificates and attestations

Favorable price – you order directly from the manufacturer!

Luxum sinks:

  • Single sinks
  • Double sinks
  • Multi-position sinks
  • Freestanding sinks
  • Hanging sinks
  • Corner sinks
  • Countertop sinks
  • Under-countertop sinks
  • Table-top sinks
  • Sinks with countertop
  • Sinks with shelves
  • Hotel sinks
  • Sinks with drawers
  • Triangular sinks
  • Square sinks
  • Circular sinks
  • Rectangular sinks
  • Gutter sinks
  • Modern sinks
  • Colorful sinks
  • Unusual and asymmetrical sinks
  • Sinks with drain line (slot outflow)