Luxurious, modern custom-made bathtubs, guaranteeing pure pleasure, are produced in Luxum factory for individual orders, made with reliable  noble materials such as GFK Luxum, Corian, Staron, Kerrock, Montelli and Carbon. Luxum delivers beautiful bathtubs with excellent aesthetics, in different shapes, sizes and matte or high gloss finishes. Warm, pleasant to the touch, resistant to chemicals and damages.

Present a project of any bathtub or send a sketch, photograph or description, and Luxum will execute a project and deliver a perfect custom-made bathtub directly to your bathroom. You can also inspire yourself by a rich selection of bathtubs in our gallery. In Luxum, their perfect custom-made bathtubs are ordered by extraordinary people who want a perfect home, appreciate a their own individual character, the beauty of artistic usable art and the highest quality. Modern bathtubs to order are a perfect solution, liquidating barriers in arrangements of bathrooms. That’s why the best architects and interior designers so willingly use Luxum offer.

Do you dream of a true SPA? The largest Polish manufacturer of custom-made bathtubs with an exclusive character, offers facilities of freestanding bathtubs and built in hydro-massage systems, adapted to individual requirements.

Types of bathtubs in our offer:

  • Freestanding bathtubs
  • Built in bathtubs 
  • Round bathtubs
  • Square bathtubs
  • Rectangular bathtubs
  • Oval bathtubs
  • Corner bathtubs
  • Asymmetrical bathtubs
  • Unusual bathtubs
  • Bathtubs with built in shelves
  • Custom-made bathtubs