Architectural concrete panels

Revolutionary Luxum architectural concrete! Concrete plates for quick installation with excellent decorative effect. Plates out of latest, genuine architectural concrete for walls, facades, fences, floors, terraces, stairs, fireplaces, countertops, small architecture.


Use And Characteristic Architectural Concrete Luxum

Luxum owns a unique technology of architectural concrete, through which we achieve quality and aesthetic advantages so that architectural concrete result is perfect each time.

  • perfect, natural aesthetics
  • the greatest mechanical strength
  • the highest water resistance
  • the lowest weight


Resistant To Fire And Ice

  • non-flammable; the highest a1 class of fire resistance
  • excellent cold resistance of -40° F


Moisture Resistant

  • panels out of “alive” Luxum architectural concrete, unlike panels made of artificial GRC concrete and other imitations, are true, “breathable” concrete panels with excellent aesthetics
  • after the impregnation by Luxum impregnates, concrete can be used in the most difficult, wet conditions


Scratching Resistance

  • no dusting – can be used on walls, terraces, facades and also in public buildings
  • the highest abrasion class for concrete, therefore our panels are also used on floors


Compressive And Flexural Resistance


Concrete Slabs Of Luxum Are Natural

  • concrete slabs of Luxum architectural concrete are natural – they do not contain artificial glass or polypropylene fibers, which can be harmful to health, especially for children, asthmatics and allergy sufferers

Laboratory Tests

Laboratory tests confirmed the best performance of concrete proposed by Luxum. The test results show that the parameters of the Luxum concrete slabs are comparable or superior to those obtained for ceramics and natural stones and all competing plates out of genuine architectural concrete. Architectural concrete proposed by Luxum combines the technical parameters of ceramics, natural stone and concrete which allows to achieve a unique, perfect result.



  • floors
  • walls       
  • terrace
  • elevation
  • fireplaces
  • stairs and fences
  • at public buildings


Products from Luxum architectural concrete are designed for customers who are looking for optimal solutions for the perfect, ecological and economic investment.


 Sizes And Weight Of Concrete Slabs


Available Sizes

59” x 24” x 13/16”

47” x 24” x 13/16”

35” x 22 x 5/8”

35” x 8” x 5/8”

39”x 20 x 5/8”

24” x 12” x 3/8”

24” x 24” x 13/16”  (with the exception for the anchored facade available in the format 47” x 24” x 12”)

32” x 32” x 12” (terrace plate)

22" x 4”, 22” x 30”, 39” x 22”, 49” x 22”  (lava structure)