3d wall panels

Decorational Wall Panels Out Of Deep Milled Mdf 3d Material

Collection of 90 most fashionable models available on the spot. Ability to design and realization of any model!

Top-quality innovative wall panels from moisture-resistant 3D milled MDF material, is the perfect decorative solution to arrange luxurious interiors. Thanks to modern technology and perfect design, we can now have walls, ceilings, buildings and furniture in an interesting, remarkable style. MDF 3D decorative panels eliminate similar solutions with plaster decors. MDF 3D wall panels are resistant to moisture, lightweight, easy to install, durable and less costly than proposals of decorative slabs and plaster or resin panels. What is very important, 3D MDF decorative panels can be connected together without visible seams. Our 3D decorative panels can be easily mounted not only on traditional walls and ceilings, but also on light GK walls (plaster-board) or OSB plates.


Characteristic Mdf 3d Panels

  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation
  • resistant to the wetting and the formation of water condensation
  • abrasion resistance
  • resistance to mechanical damage
  • harmless to health
  • anti-static surface – resistance to dust and dirt


Additional advantages of wall and ceiling panels from 3d mdf are excellent insulation and have great acoustic properties. At the moment, there is no more innovative, interesting, light and so universal solution at a friendly price, than 3d mdf decorative wall panels from luxum.

  1. MDF panels are made of thick MDF plate, one side laminated, deeply milled in 3D technology.
  2. Panels have a thickness of ¼” mm and are in standard three times covered with white base paint.
  3. What is very important, 3D MDF panels have a natural origins and don’t change the microclimate of rooms, allowing walls to freely “breathe”.
  4. As the only 3D wall panels on the market can be easily cut to the size at the installation place using ordinary woodworking tools. It is also possible to drill any holes in them.


Sizes Of Mdf 3d Panels

Standard size of 3d mdf panel is 20” x 40”. The thickness of panels ¼”. Also available are wall panels with a maximum size 106”x 50” mm. On request, we deliver decorative panels cut to the requested size, which facilitates and speeds up the installation work.

On request, we deliver decorative panels cut to the requested size, which facilitates and speeds up the installation work.


Colors Mdf 3d Panels

The final result is obtained by painting with an ordinary brush or spray. To paint 3D wall panels we do not need any priming acrylic, latex, vinyl paints, and we can get fantastic surfaces in any color. 3D MDF panels can be also painted using ordinary emulsion wall paints. Together with our partner, company Benjamin Moore which produces the world’s best paints, we have developed a method of painting decorative 3D wall panels in a very simple way, with artistic effect and possibility of sandblasting, gilding, silvering, getting a phenomenal, incredible decorative effect. Thanks to using special Benjamin Moore paints, 3D MDF decors can be successfully used in bathroom and other damp and demanding rooms.

  • laminated in 150 colors
  • lacquered with a matte or high-gloss paint (6000 colors)
  • veneered with natural wood or with veneer modified in 40 colors


The most demanding clients and architects can design:

  • Any pattern
  • Word art
  • Image
  • Logo


This 3D wall panels will be delivered directly to the customer. 3D MDF decorative panels are suited and perfectly emphasize the exclusive interior design in houses and private apartments and public buildings.


Patterns Of Mdf 3d Panels


Solid Patterns


Openwork Pannels 7